Molecular Bio-Computation & Drug Design Lab @UKZN

Prof. Mahmoud Soliman

Professor (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
B.Pharm, M.Pharm, MPhil/PhD (Bath, UK)
Molecular Modeling & Drug Design

Discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

School of Health Sciences  
UKZN - Westville Campus E-block, Room E4-505
Tel. +27 (0) 312607413              




Prof. Mahmoud Soliman (B. Pharm., M. Pharm., MPhil/PhD) is a full Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Health Sciences, UKZN, Westville Campus, and the Head and principal investigator of Molecular Bio-Computation and Drug Design Laboratory.

Soliman has joined the School of Health Sciences in 2012 after completing his postgraduate studies (MPhil/PhD - 2010) at the University of Bath, United Kingdom, in areas of Molecular Modeling, bioinformatics, computational chemistry and drug design, under supervision of Prof. Ian Williams. Soliman served as the Dean of the School of Health Sciences for the period of six years (Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2020).

Prof. Soliman currently holds several editorial positions for several internationally recognized journals: Associate Editor - Journal of Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics (Springer Nature); Editor - The Protein Journal (Springer Nature); Editor - Chemistry and Biodiversity (Wiley). Soliman is a research fellow/associate/visiting professor at different national and international institutes.

Soliman has successfully graduated more than 100 PhD/Master students since 2012, and currently supervising over 25 students from different countries across the world.

Soliman's research mainly focuses on studying of biomolecular systems and drug-protein interactions at molecular level, see full research scope here and publications here.

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Latest News

  • Soliman's publication listed as one of the most cited & most downloaded articles in Chemistry & Biodiversity [Info]
  • Prof Soliman delivered a keynote speech and was a session-Chair at the 3rd International conference on Medicinal  Chemistry, The State Key Laboratory for Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Medicinal Resources, Guangxi Normal University – Guilin, China  6-9 Dec. 2023
  • Soliman is named among top-10 productive researchers for 2022 based on publications, citations (google scholar and Scival) and student graduation.
  • Soliman has been appointed as Associate Editor for the "Journal of Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics" (Springer) from January 2024
  • Prof Soliman is named among top-10 published UKZN researchers for 2021
  • Feb 2021 - We are pleased to announce the launch of SimulabHub - More info

  • Soliman achieved the first position this year as a top-published UKZN researcher for 2017, accumulating 1650 productivity units (PUs).
  • Oct. 2017- Prof Soliman ranked UKZN Top-30 published researchers for 3 consecutive years (more info) - For three consecutive years, Prof Soliman is ranked the first top published researcher in the college of health sciences and among top-30 university-wide.
  • March 2016- Successful Amber Workshop 2016 in UKZN, Durban, Westville Campus

BIG "THANK YOU" to Ross Walker, Adrian Roitberg and Ben Madej from UC San Diego USA for coming over to deliver this fantastic and well-received workshop. Looking forward to another one in the near future.

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(Adrian Roitberg) - (Mahmoud Soliman) - (Ross Walker) 2016, Amber workshop


  • Prof. Soliman is organizing committee member of Pharmacy Summit conference Read More 
  • Lab article is listed as one of the most downloaded articles in 2014 Read More
  • Congratulation to Olyadi (MSc), Bhakat (MSc) for obtaining their master degree summa cum laude  (Sept. 2014)
  •  Article selected to feature in a top bio-medical journal (Feb. 2014) Read More
  •  R1.5 Million HPC Facility for Dr Soliman's Lab (Sept. 2013) Read More

  • Congratulations: Mahasin, Mhlongo and Tivani have graduated with Distinction - Well Done!!! (April         2014)

Annual Amber workshop series:

*(Coming up)- Amber Workshop 2015 (keep checking for update)

*Amber workshop - 1-5 December 2014 - National Kruger Park (program here)

* Amber workshop 2-5 Dec. 2013, Cape Town: Check pictures [here] - Leave your feedback [here] - this will help us  improve the  workshop next year

* Amber workshop Oct. 2011, Durban: Check pictures [Here]

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